What is your definition of 'RESPECT'?

By IJF | 23 September 2011 | News | 33 comment(s)

In a world where respect sometimes does not mean anything, what to you think of that concept ?
Actually, is it a concept? Is it only a phylosophy? Or can it be applied concretely on the field?

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2011-10-30 20:26

We have celebrate the respect day open the tatami for every people that would like to try it

Leonardo JKa

2011-10-30 20:23

JUDO it's always respect in everywhere and in everytime

Edmund APO 1925 - 0111

2011-10-28 22:13

RESPECT - to appreciate and be courteous to a person/people regardless of age, creed, race, disability, gender to gain mutual benefit as well as humility.

alireza fereshtehnejad

2011-10-28 17:47

is two year i cant train judo but allways i think about this beautifull sport i start this sport in my contry iran 6 years a go i hope i can start that in usa again . i have best wishs for all Judoka s in all world Regards

Suresh kanojia United judo Academy

2011-10-28 13:03

Respect acording to me is a Beautiful Character within oneself as one of the most Precious asset Judoka must posses... Thanks Suresh kanojia


2011-10-27 19:18

The club Yama Arashi Judo Udine celebrates the World Day with a special dedication. …because Respect is honesty and fairness, respect is creating situations and contests to engage; Respect is being always ready to give. Respect is never to stop to earn respect. Every day ...

Club Deportivo Judo Forum

2011-10-25 17:46

The respect is one of the props in order that the humanity and our society prospers. The judokas we know very Well his meaning. A clear sign of the respect is to value the work of the companion and to be grateful for his attention to him, since without his help we cannot progress. As sample of it, we realize the Japanese greeting (Rei) initially and to End of every activity. C.D. Forum.


2011-10-25 12:30

Respect for me is to improve a friendship with everyone all over the world.

Zoltan ELEKI

2011-10-21 20:04

Respect in the international language of judo means I don't care about your colour of skin, your nationality, your religion, because you are simply a judoka with all greatness of this word in this world. I respect you when you are the fighter against me, because all fight is a common celebration between us. I try to find out your mind, your next step, to control your body onto the tatami, to win. Respect means I accept you with all empathy. As a coach in my club I teach children with judo making a strong group, where everyone feels friendship and respect eachother. Thank you Mr. Kano (with my all respect) that you created this fantastic sport and lifestile!

Daniel Häring

2011-10-21 09:56

I have great respect for all children and young people who deal not only with video games and cell phone, or sit around and do nothing even though many of their friends do it. Instead they go to Judo training to work on yourself. I respect every fighter in the attempt to win but still lose. I bow to all the trainers who teach Judo without payment. Ji Ta Kyo Ei will change your life - if you allow it.

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